About Us

Alex Sutherland is a new consumer brand by Compass.Africa, a Johannesburg based e-commerce studio focused on building and selling brands that add value to people's lives.

Alex Sutherlands makes work life easier. More people are now working/studying from home, which means they are staring at their screens more than usual. We understand the strain our eyes take from staring at a screen for a prolonged period of time. Most people do not wear prescription glasses with an anti-glare coating but everyone who considers the laptop as their main tool of work stares at a screen every day. So we decided to source the best blue-light blocking lenses with high-quality comfortable frames, to make peoples work life easier. 

For more information email us or chat to us on Whatsapp (soon). Also, connect with us on twitter.

Email: hello@alexsutherland.co.za
Twitter: @CompassAfrica
Whatsapp: Soon